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A closer look at Connecticut’s dog bite laws

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2023 | Personal Injury

No matter the age, size or breed, dogs tend to bite when feeling provoked or defensive. But when a dog bite inflicts severe injuries and long-term trauma, what may seem like a harmless walk in the park may quickly escalate into a complex legal nightmare.

If you are a dog attack victim, Connecticut’s dog bite law gives you three years since the tragic incident to file a claim. Using this time to examine how the laws apply to your unique situation is crucial, so you can recover financial compensation for your healing.

What constitutes a dog bite claim?

Depending on the circumstances of your case, the following elements may help you in your Connecticut personal injury lawsuit:

  • Leash requirement: No dog can freely roam and create any form of disturbance, such as biting, growling or annoying someone on another individual’s property, or on public highways and sidewalks.
  • Quarantine requirement: Biting dogs must undergo a 14-day quarantine in a veterinary facility, public pound or any Department of Agriculture (DOA) commissioner-approved location. An order to restrain or, in the worst cases, kill a dog is also possible upon the order of the DOA commissioner or an animal control officer. In fact, the state’s law exempts a victim from criminal or civil liability if they end up killing a dog as they are under a vicious attack.
  • Strict liability: Any owner, withstanding their awareness of their dog’s savage tendencies, is liable for the damages caused by their dog’s actions.
  • Possible defenses: A dog owner or keeper may argue that the victim was trespassing on the property, or tormenting, teasing or abusing the dog. Also, unless proven otherwise, the law presumes any person under seven years old is not capable of committing trespassing or initiating an attack against the dog.
  • Joint liability: In dog-to-dog aggression, both owners are equally liable to recover damages.

Before processing the legal aspects of the incident, the immediate thing to do is seek medical attention. In the worst cases, such as death, a victim’s surviving loved ones may pursue a claim for lost future wages, and medical or funeral expenses.

Healing from the attack

A dog bite incident is an emotionally tricky issue for all parties involved. Thus, dog owners must uphold their obligation to take all reasonable measures in training and keep their beloved pets from escaping and eventually hurting an innocent victim. A legal team can help you gather the details necessary for the investigation and guide you to a full and fair recovery.