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What is Connecticut’s foreclosure mediation program?

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2023 | Mediation & Collaborative Law

Losing a home is a traumatic experience that can take months or even years to get over. When you are going through significant financial troubles, keeping your home is likely to be one of your main priorities.

Therefore, receiving a foreclosure notice can leave you feeling scared and overwhelmed. You probably also have many questions about the foreclosure process. Fortunately, if you are behind on mortgage payments, Connecticut’s foreclosure mediation program might be the solution you need.

The history of the program

The foreclosure mediation program was established in 2008 after a record number of foreclosures occurred within the state. It was initially a temporary program but is now expected to continue through at least 2029.

You have the option to participate in the mediation program if you meet certain conditions. You must own the home and use it as your primary residence and your mortgage lender must have already initiated foreclosure. If you choose to participate, your mortgage lender must also participate.

Mediation involves a meeting between you, your mortgage lender and the mediator, who acts as a neutral third-party. The purpose of mediation is to try to work out a solution, such as a loan modification that can help you avoid foreclosure.


Prior to your mediation, you will have pre-mediation. This is a meeting between you and the mediator. The mediator will get background information about what caused your foreclosure, your prior mortgage history and your mediation goals.

For example, your goal might not be to keep your home. Perhaps you want to sell your home but want to do it in a way that works best for you, such as through a short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure.

You and your mortgage lender must share financial information and documents before the mediation. Once this information is exchanged and reviewed by everyone, your mediation is held.

Unexpected events can cause you to fall behind on mortgage payments, but the foreclosure mediation program might be the answer you need to help resolve your foreclosure.